5 Games That Need To Exist Already

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Console video games have reached new heights in recent years, thanks in large part to the release of the Xbox One, Wii U, and PS4 along with the ambition and innovation of game developers. Top-notch video games are now mind-blowing in their ability to depict entire virtual worlds and keep players endlessly entertained. But, naturally, this evolution in modern gaming has only made players greedier for newer and better experiences. So just for fun, here are five new console gaming ideas that need to be turned into games already!


Guardians Of The Galaxy

A year ago, this would have seemed like an absolutely terrible game concept, because the Guardians of the Galaxy were pretty obscure on the superhero spectrum, at least to a modern audience. But lo and behold, Marvel proved that it can turn pretty much anything it wants to into a blockbuster success (though we'll see if that's still true after this summer's Ant Man). Guardians Of The Galaxy became one of the most popular films of 2014 and as of now, there is still no major gaming adaptation to follow the film.

People enjoy when humor is blended with action in gaming, and a title that centers on the Guardians could do this in a big way. Basically, these guys are Avengers who don't take themselves seriously—the outlaw versions of Marvel heroes. And as a result, they're sarcastic, irreverent, and unpredictable, all while kicking appropriate amounts of ass for a superhero video game. Plus, if you got the likes of Chris Pratt and Vin Diesel to reprise their voice acting roles in game form, you'd easily attract an even greater portion of the cinematic audience. Action, humor, popular characters, and the momentum of a surprise success at the box office doesn't look like a bad checklist to lead into a brand-new Marvel game!

The Avengers

This one seems like a no brainer, given that Marvel and its Avenger characters have essentially hijacked the entertainment industry. There are actually a number of decent, if not great, Marvel games out there that feature all of the popular characters. Perhaps the biggest is now Marvel Heroes 2015, a very ambitious MMO RPG that lets users play as Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, etc. in a sprawling, Marvel mash-up experience. There are also simpler and more accessible Marvel games such as the recently released Contest Of Champions mobile app, which is basically a brawler game that uses Marvel characters. These are pretty entertaining options, but at the same time, it's hard to believe they're the best Marvel can do.

There have been attempts at major console games as well, most notably with 2006's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, which got an 8.2 at IGN and provided a satisfying RPG experience. But given the capabilities of modern gaming and the clout of the Avengers, something more is needed. You know where I'm going with this one: an open-world, wonderfully detailed game in which the various Avengers are all playable. Yeah, there's no way it wouldn't fly off shelves, even if it would take a titanic effort for a developer to get it right.

Arthurian Legends

Speaking of historical gaming, how is it that there's no console adventure built around King Arthur, his knights, and their various legends!? There are King Arthur games out there, but none built for live action. King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame on PC is fairly enjoyable, and the arcade games at Betfair even include a Lancelot option. The latter is a slot-centric experience, so naturally it's not made for controlling knights and kings in action-packed circumstances. However, it's an amusing and enjoyable twist on straightforward slot gaming, and it proves that people are still interested in this part of history.

Yet, while these games serve certain purposes in their own genres, imagine a full-on open world action/adventure game (perhaps in the vein of Shadow Of Mordor) in which you could explore Camelot, battle mythical villains, and control the famous knights of Arthurian legend. Maybe such a game will come when Guy Ritchie's upcoming King Arthur films hit the big screen.

Silicon Valley

Bear with me here. First of all, if you haven't seen the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley, you're missing out on a very clever and hilarious show. But secondly, the simplicity with which that show mocks the Silicon Valley start-up/tech business culture actually makes a game on the subject seem pretty easy to set up. Imagine a game in which you can start your version of a Silicon Valley tech company, develop its various products and features, and compete with the industry attempting to grow your business.

It's not the most action-packed idea on this list, but one has to think it could be popular if done well. The game could be packed with humor and witty jabs at the actual Silicon Valley. And in requiring you to make deals, take on investors, and even partner with other players, it could also be pretty intellectual in its execution. It's an out-there idea, but it would certainly be original.

Ultimate Apocalypse

I'm obsessed with apocalyptic themes in gaming. In fact, there are so many examples out there that it's almost pointless to name an examples. So why not just mash everything up into some sort of "ultimate apocalypse" game? There could be zombies, plagues, nuclear disasters, alien invasions, and/or more reasonable concerns like climate disasters or resource shortages.

Throwing all of these popular apocalyptic themes into one game would require an unprecedented hodgepodge of action and strategy on behalf of the player. Also, given the popularity of games in this category, it would thrill a gigantic audience of players. There are numerous ways to play this one out. There could be one overarching hero who manages to have a hand in preventing the apocalypse from all angles, or a range of playable characters, each working on his or her own branch of the effort to save the world.