Bargain Books: Homecoming


When I was looking through my list of cheaply priced ebooks and I saw Scott Langrel's Homecoming (A Finn McCoy Paranormal Thriller #1) I had to download it instantly. It took me a little bit ti get around to reading it, and when I did, it was well worth it. Anyone who follows this blog knows that I am a fan of urban fantasy novels and films, so I felt the need to read more books in the genre. I'm not sure why this one jumped out at me from all the rest, maybe it was fate.

Finn McCoy is a "Paranormal Handler". He never quite explains what that means. The closest the reader gets to an explanation is when one character (who refers to himself as a PI) asks him what it means and McCoy says "Well, look at it this way. You investigated. Now I've got to handle it." The reader doesn't learn a whole lot about McCoy's background. We know he is in his mid-forties and his body is wearing down. We learn he became a paranormal handler after growing up in Shallow Springs, an area in Virginia that is heavily populated with the Fey. He has the ability to sense paranormal beings which also lead him to become a handler. McCoy moved out of "the Springs" as he calls them 15 years before the novel begins, but with the name Homecoming, you can guess where the action of the book takes place.

Finn is an interesting character. Amanda, Finn's love interest, is another interesting character. The book frequently references how they met, which is detailed in The Grass Monkey and other dark tales (a Finn McCoy Paranormal Prequel). I would recommend reading that first or skipping it all together. I read it after reading Homecoming and I knew how most of the stories ended based on references made in the novel. Amanda is a strong willed woman who doesn't want to be a damsel in distress but is too ignorant of the paranormal world to be the hero. Sheriff Lyle, the sheriff of Shallow Springs, is another good character. He is a bit of the bumbling cop, but nowhere near Barney Fife. He plays a good antagonist without being the villain. Langrel does a good job with his characters.

The main villains of the novel are the Fey, and more precisely, the Sluagh. The Sluagh resemble children, but they are the Unforgiven Dead. They like to kill people and kidnap children. They have been around the Springs for a long time and have killed in the past. Now, they are doing it at an increasing rate. Sheriff Lyle calls McCoy to investigate and stop the rise in murders.

The plot is engaging and had me interested in knowing what was going to happen next. There are some twists, but a lot of it is straightforward. I could guess most of what happened, but I was still surprised at times. I don't do spoilers, so I am not going to divulge any more of the plot.

If anyone out there is a big paranormal/urban fantasy fan which likes books about fairy tale monsters, then this a good book to pick up. I wanted to read more books in this genre and I am extremely happy I found this. There are more books in the series, but I have yet to read them. If you are only a person who mildly enjoys the genre, then it is a bargain read. There is nothing in this book that is must read. I'm glad I read it, and I hope you give it a chance too.

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