It's no secret I love role playing games, or that I own a PlayStation 4. So I've been looking for some cool RPGs to play for the PS4, and I've been using my gamefly account to help. The first game I received was Bound by Flame.

Bound by Flame is an action RPG in the Two Worlds style. If you have never played Two Worlds for the Xbox 360, I suggest you should go buy it. It is an action style RPG that has bad graphics but incredible gameplay with a very low price tag. Bound by Flame had a lot of that, minus the low price tag and incredible gameplay. Yes that means it had bad graphics and doesn't have good gameplay or a low price tag to make up for it.

Bound by Flame tells the story of Immortals starting a war and using an undead army to fight it. Yes, that means every enemy that dies on the battlefield is resurrected to fight for the undead army. Sounds like pretty bad odds, eh? Well luckily there are a few people willing to stick around and fight. Too bad they are incompetent. They try to summon help and it turns out a demon possesses your body, which has its perks because now you have cool magic abilities. And yes it is fire based.

I was optimistic when I started playing because it had a gathering system and crafting system and I have loved that kind of aspect of RPGs ever since I played Star Ocean, too bad Bound by Flame didn't live of to the possibilities. I feel that is a common thread throughout this game. The combat was ok. I had no real complaints other than it could become slightly repetitive, but I always feel that way about hack-and-slash type games, and the longer they take to beat the more repetitive the gameplay gets.

This is not a good game. I got very frustrated playing it. I'd say it's only worth checking out if you are a diehard RPG fan and have don't have any other games to play for your PS4, and you have money to blow.