Ezra Bridger is my favorite Star Wars Rebels character and that conversation with Yoda in “Path of the Jedi” made it happen. Before the series even started, I naturally went with Sabine as my favorite because of my deep love for Mandos. As the show progressed, however, Ezra gradually climbed the ladder of favorites and his emotional exchange with Yoda finally solidified his spot as my top favorite character.

Others don’t really see anything worthwhile in Ezra Bridger, but there is a small army of fans out there who appreciate how the writers have developed the character and the emotional depth Taylor Gray brings in his performances.

Meet the Blueberry Squad, a fan group dedicated to protecting and caring for Ezra Bridger, the adorable ‘bae’ of the series. Due to the blue-ish look of his hair, bright blue eyes, and short stature, fans started using the term ‘blueberry’ as a way to describe him. From there, the group became the Blueberry Squad and “Protect the Blueberry” became their slogan. Fans love him for his genuine and innocent nature and others are intrigued by his unknown fate. Will he fall to the dark side, continue the life of a rebel, or perish for a good cause?

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, here are my reasons why I adore Ezra Bridger.

The Energy Slingshot


(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Ezra wears one of the coolest gadgets! Not a lot of people are a fan of the energy slingshot, but I think it’s a unique weapon for a young boy looking to make his way through the universe without leaving a trail of dead bodies behind. Ezra is quick and light on his feet, so a few good shots from his slingshot would give him enough time to escape. Though the origins of the slingshot remain unknown, I like to think Ezra built it himself, since he incorporated a similar stun setting in his lightsaber-blaster hybrid. He hasn’t used it since “Empire Day”, but I hope we get to see the energy slingshot again soon, especially in a time of great need when his lightsaber isn’t close by.

The Lightsaber-Blaster Hybrid

Star Wars Rebels, "Idiot's Array" Ezra Bridger

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Meant to be a sophisticated weapon, Ezra’s lightsaber is actually a mishmash of various pieces, each donated by a different crew member–his family. Commonly known as the stapler gun among fans, it’s rough around the edges and unusual in design, but so is he! The upgrade from the slingshot definitely shined when Kanan used it against the Inquisitor in “Fire Across the Galaxy”. Ezra obviously has much to learn when it comes to fighting and defending himself with a lightsaber, but with the crew being on the run all the time, I wonder whether he’ll perfect his skills and expertly use the saber in the same manner as exhibited by Kanan. Inexperience aside, Ezra ingeniously constructed an awesome multi-purpose weapon that will be a fan favorite for years to come.

Ezra’s Altruism

Star Wars Rebels, "Breaking Ranks" Ezra Bridger

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

What I love most about Ezra is his drive and determination to become a Jedi, despite the odds against him. He’s had several hurdles along the way, but he gets back up again and powers through because he wants to help people and make a difference. Time and time again, he’s put his life on the line to save others and offer assistance. We saw it with Kitwarr, Morad Sumar, Jai Kell, and of course, his own crew members. Ezra’s unwavering enthusiasm is a trait of his I admire the most, and with the second season only a few months away, I hope the Ezra I’ve come to know and love remains true to himself as he struggles to understand more about the Force and what it means to be a Jedi.

Connection to the Force

Star Wars Rebels, "Gathering Forces" Ezra Bridger

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Without a doubt, his strength and connection to the Force make him a cool and intriguing character. Even Kanan has shown genuine surprise in regards to Ezra’s growing abilities and the pace at which they’re accelerating. So far, my favorite development has been his capability in connecting with animals. We saw him struggle with it, at first, due to an emotional conflict, but later on, he was able to psychically link with an unruly group of fyrnocks as well as the giant fynock that he summoned to attack the Inquisitor. Ezra definitely has deep wells of untapped potential, often being compared to Anakin Skywalker by the fans. Though Ezra appears to rely too much on emotion and attachment, he’s not possessive–a trait that Anakin had in spades.

Taylor Gray


(Photo: Lucasfilm)

When I was at the Star Wars Rebels panel in Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, I was beyond excited to see Taylor Gray in person and the first words that came out of my mouth when he came onto the stage were, “That’s Ezra!” Ezra wouldn’t be my favorite without Taylor Gray’s gripping performances.

“The biggest thing that I always carry when I’m playing Ezra is this confidence that he has,” he said in an interview with “So that carries into the sense that ‘I can do all things on my own;’ that’s the mindset that I’m in as Ezra.”

I’m truly a fan of his voiceover work in Rebels, my favorite scene being the conversation between Ezra and Yoda. As Ezra continues to grow and mature in the series, I also look forward to seeing Taylor’s talent develop further behind the scenes.


I know Ezra is often brushed aside by some of the older fans, but it warms my heart whenever I see young kids connect with him in the same way other fans connect with Luke Skywalker or Ahsoka Tano. He’s a good kid with positive intentions and good role model for the younger crowd. Needless to say, but I’m proud to be a Blueberry fan!

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