Chopper is a one-of-a-kind astromech with a personality that’s rough around the edges. If he doesn’t agree or if he finds something ridiculous, he will make his opinion known either verbally or physically. Chopper also happens to be my mom’s favorite character because he’s grumpy and obstinate, just like her. For a lot of people, though, Chopper is not a well-liked character. The kids love him, but some adults find his behavior to be mean and downright rude.

Given Chopper’s take on things, he probably doesn’t care about your opinion towards him, but I’m here to let you know that even though Chopper is that cruel, older sibling who finds satisfaction in pranking the people around him, he still has a mechanical heart of gold underneath the worn out casing. There’s no denying the fact that he loves his crew and here are four examples that prove it.

The Fuel Canister


(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Despite being given away in a game of Sabacc, Chopper came through for his team in the end. Knowing the group desperately needed fuel to run normal operations, he took the opportunity to steal a fuel canister from Lando Calrissian’s farm in the middle of a heated shootout. At that point, his own well-being didn’t matter as long as his crew got what they needed. Not only that, but he ended up saving Zeb’s life. Yeah, the two tend to butt heads from time to time, but when a family member was in danger, Chopper took action–even if that family member was the one who added him to the pot in the first place. You could say it’s part of his programming or commands in his processing chip, but I like to think Chopper has a life of his own and he made certain choices with the team’s best interests at heart.

Looking For Kanan


(Photo: Lucasfilm)

The search is on! Ezra and the crew desperately track down Kanan’s whereabouts and create an elaborate plan to infiltrate an Imperial Walker. Chopper is in the thick of it as he scans various logs and reports to find Kanan’s location. The crew have to abandon the plan before they’re shot down, but even though Sabine told him that they had to leave, Chopper stayed behind to continue scanning through the files. He stayed behind! He could have easily abandoned his post, used his thrusters, and made his way over to the Phantom. Instead, Zeb had to yank him out, forcing him to stop his efforts. Again, some would say that was part of his programming, but let’s move onto the next bullet point.

Kanan’s Room


(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Chopper went to Kanan’s room! Where in his programming does it say, “When x member of the crew is missing, go to their room and make sad sounds.” Nowhere! That’s because Chopper voluntarily went to Kanan’s room because he missed him. Fun and deadly games aside, he knows what the Jedi crew member is capable of doing, but he still shows signs of worry and sadness when he’s nowhere to be found. And when he’s discovered by Ezra, he puts the wall back up and tries to pass it off as if he doesn’t care, but he does. He also cared enough to distract his captain long enough for Ezra to take his own course of action. Lastly, let’s not forget how he went undercover, infiltrated an Imperial vessel, and rocketed his way towards the Ghost! All to save Kanan.

Calling Fulcrum


(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Finally, where would the crew be without Chopper’s quick processing? Knowing that his crew was in danger and that they would be overrun with Imperial forces, he contacted Fulcrum to send in the cavalry. Sure, he could have done that to save his own nuts and bolts, but he went back to pick up the Ghost with Fulcrum and returned with more reinforcements to save his team from imminent death. Not only does that demonstrate his quick thinking and courage, but it also shows that, once again, he had the crew’s safety in mind and did everything possible to make sure that they all survived together.


I know Chopper enjoys his pranks and occasionally goes overboard with his antics, but in the end, he’s an essential member of the crew and knows what’s best for his team. And even though he doesn’t show it all the time, he cares for them and will put himself on the line to prove his devotion.


(Photo: Lucasfilm)

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