Nerd Protein: Could Days of Future Past Be the X-Film We've Been Waiting For?

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When you realize that the X-Men cinematic franchise is over 14 years old, it stirs up a series of groans, sighs and a plethora of emotions - at least for me. Some good, but a vast majority not so great. (Think Halle's wig, or simply anything Halle related.) The X-Men have been my absolute faves since I was 5. The bad ass 90's costumes, the quippy one-liners, the memorable story arcs and endless fainting spells (I'm looking at you Jean & Storm) all left a lasting impact on my childhood leaving me with three X-Men inspired tattoos and a cacophony of statues, comics and questionable bedroom memorabilia.

After Fox released the second official trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past this week, I began experiencing multiple cases of the feels inevitably leaving me with a pretty big nerd-boner.
But my excitement stemmed from FINALLY seeing what the X-Men is truly about in trailer form. Sentinels, a huge ensemble cast, Wolverine's claw's, Storm's lightning, Mystique's acrobatics all there wrapped tightly in the fight for mutant survival. Here are several reasons why you should be X-cited too!

1. A XXX sized cast! - So Fox has said repeatedly that this by far one of the largest movies that they've produced. This is also the largest cast in a comic book movie, ever. If you remember correctly, you'll know that DoFP director Brian Singer pretty much gave ensemble comic movies their start with 2000's X-men. Thus it only makes sense that the biggest film of this caliber comes full circle to him. Bridging together the X-Men:First Class and original X-Men trilogy cast, DoFP is finally bringing us that X-Men 90's cartoon fight chaos that we love so much!


2. Classic Villains- Villainy can be debatable in the X-cinematic universe, but one thing everyone can agree on, is that the legacy of X-villains definitely starts with Sentinels and then a roster of greats including Magneto, Apocalypse and The Hellfire Club. So far we've only had Mags in the film (not there's anything wrong with the overly fabulous Ian McKellen), but we finally get a taste of some intense mutant hatred from Peter Dinklage's Bolivar Trask and the creation of the Sentinel Program.


3. Days of Future Past- By far one of the best story arcs Chris Claremont has cranked out for the X-Men, DoFP is a heartbreakingly accurate portrayal of the decline of man and mutant due to the social and political injustice of the mutant race. The emotional core of the arc is visceral and surprisingly relevant though being written and published in 1980.


4. Acting Chops- Mystique will have a paramount role in the film, so who better than Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence to play our favorite grey-area shape-shifter? Take James Mcavoy's passionate professor, and Michael Fassbender's troubled Mags and you've got a film littered with strong actors. And lets not forget our faves Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen reprising their roles of super-powered bromancers Magneto and Professor X.


5. Time Heals All? - There's a ton of awful plot holes in the X-movie universe. The X-cellent thing about time travel (and this has been considered more of a sci-fi, time traveling film than superhero one) is that you get to go back and fix it. I'm not sure how much damage control Bryan Singer can do, but he has hinted at doing some - like growing Wolverine's adamantium claws back (From the events of the last Wolverine's Origin's film.)


6. Hope (not the red-haired mutant Messiah) - Singer had a pretty great franchise on his hands as X-men was great for it's time, and X-Men 2: X-Men United was a box office success and absolute fan favorite. (I watch it at least once a week.) Brett Ratner definitely tanked the last part in the trilogy and I guess many fans won't ever forgive Bryan Singer for that. All he can do is make it up to us in this next film. It's ok to be a hopeful fan. So many of us fanboys and gals are quick to destroy a movie before we've gotten the pleasure to enjoy or not enjoy it. So I remain hopeful, that of all the X-Men movies, this may be my new favorite. If you are an X-Men fan, I encourage you do the same. I love this universe with all of my heart, but I also understand that Hollywood is a machine that at the end of the day needs to make money. So a few changes here and there aren't bad. What's important is if the film at it's core, celebrates what being an X-Men is truly about.


X-Men:Days of Future Past hits theatre's May 23rd 2014.