Thanks to Netgalley I’ve had access to some amazing Graphic Novels in the past month or so. Here are my thoughts on them:


Justice League America has a bit of a dark edge to it. It fits into a lot of the changes the New 52 instituted in regards to characters and with Geoff Johns at the helm there is a lot of humor amongst the team building. I liked the art but found my self continually disappointed in the physical look of Catwoman. Especially because she is written so well. My favorites on the team are Vibe and the new Green Lantern, but there are some solids bits by the other team members as well, including a very scary Martian Manhunter. Definitely a title I would continue to give a chance in trade format, will see how it goes.


Injustice was a bit of a disappointment to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not playing the game, or maybe its the spoty art and the good hero goes bad trope, either way I thought it was just ok. The series follows a what if scenario. What if the Joker killed someone dear to superman. Would supes snap? and if so what would be the outcome? who would support Superman, who would fight him? The fight scenes were a bit cool but overall I’m not motivated to continue with the story.



Archaia has done a wonderful job with Cyborg 009.It’s not always easy to adapt a foreign work to English but I found it very easy to follow around with the story. A young teen wakes up with no memory of who he is. He hears strange voices in his head and manifests a surprising power. Soon 9 learns he has been abducted and experimented on along with 8 other subjects from various age groups and racial backgrounds. Thanks to a helpful scientist the team breaks free and is on the run.

There are a lot of themes in this story that readers will find familiar but they are freshly presented and engaging. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this series develops. There is a great website to learn more about the series click HERE to learn more.



Colonized sounded really great in the description. Aliens vs Zombies ? Yes! But this story failed to really capture my interest. The subplot about a group of feuding town folks was boring and the characters were very stereotypical. I wasn't a big fan of the zombie action either.


!!!! I love what IDW is doing with Judge Dredd Year One ! I brought the first trade and was excited to see the next collection on netgalley. This series focuses on the rookie years of Mega City Ones greatest Judge. I love how the writers take elements from the British series and create unique cases for the US version. In this collection Dredd is investigating a number of cases involving young juves developing psychic powers with disastrous results. Solid action and art. This is a great way for new readers to experience Dredd’s world.


DynamiteDynamite is doing a great job with these Sherlock stories. Ill be doing a full review of this book tomorrow, but let me just say that fan of Holmes and Watson will love the look and feel of this story.


So Grateful for Netgalley as a continuing source of great graphic novel reads. Hope I’ve inspired you to check these books out! Happy Reading!