New Star Wars Rebels Concept Art: Lothal Cityscape By Andre Kirk

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The Star Wars franchise social media offensive continues with their new Tumblr page. While the page is still under development it will contain sections on “ARTIST OF THE WEEK, BEHIND THE SCENES, CHARACTER OF THE WEEK, COMIC STRIPS, CONCEPT ART, GIFS, POSTERS, SUBMIT(Fan submissions).”

Included in the first batch of posts was some new concept art of a major city on the planet Lothal. This artwork is a more detailed mirror image of background artwork that appeared on the Sienar Fleet Systems promotional website for Star Wars Rebels.


The shadow of the Empire is cast on a major city on Lothal in this previously unseen concept art by Andre Kirk from the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels.


A closer look at the two sides of Lothal.

The dark side:


The light side:


SOURCE: and Tumblr