Preview: The Jupiter Pirates: The Hunt for Hydra by Jason Fry

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The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra will be released Dec. 23, 2013 by HarperCollins – with further adventures of the Hashoones yet to come.

Given the dearth of new Star Wars novels recently, it is a good time for readers like myself to broaden their horizons. In furtherance of that undertaking, I suggest you check out author Jason Fry‘s new young adult novel, The Jupiter Pirates: The Hunt for Hydra.

Set in the distant future of 2893 A.D., Jupiter Pirates follows the adventures of the Hashoone family focusing on youngest son Tycho Hashoone. The Hashoone’s are a family of privateers operating under Letter of Marque from the Jovian Union in its ongoing war against Earth.

In space, there are no second chances.

“Do you want the helm, Captain?” Tycho forced himself to ask, trying not to make it obvious how badly he wanted his mother to say no.
Diocletia said nothing. She took five steps forward and sat in the captain’s chair, behind the console closest to the bow. She snapped her fingers, and her instruments came to life.
“Captain on deck,” Vesuvia announced, and Tycho waited to be relieved of command. But his mother surprised him.
“Your starship, Tycho,” Diocletia said. “Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention.”

When you’re a privateer, running a starship is a family business. And for Tycho Hashoone, his twin sister, Yana, and their older brother, Carlo, the family business is far from easy.
For starters, they have to make a living however they can, all while dodging pirates and Earth’s dreaded warships. They have to please the Jovian Union, an alliance of moons that provides the Hashoones their letter of marque against Earth’s merchant fleet. But hardest of all, the siblings have to impress their mother, Captain Diocletia Hashoone, who keeps a log of how they perform on every test, simulation, and mission aboard their family starship, the Shadow Comet. Because while the three siblings might be crewers together, only one of them will be chosen as the Comet’s next captain.

Talk about sibling rivalry!

Reading the first five chapters of The Jupiter Pirates that are currently available on-line, reveals that besides introducing the concept of privateers to a young adult audience, Fry delivers a novel family dynamic and a compelling central character that make this a hard book to put down. Fans of his Star Wars works will certainly see the influences of that franchise in Jupiter Pirates and I would highly suggest giving this book a shot when it is released on December 23rd, I will be picking it up for sure.

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