Superhero Summer Sensations

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Summer and Superheroes go hand-in-hand. Swimsuits and capes, sunshine and... Batcaves? Okay, maybe I'm reaching a bit here, but either way, I enjoy the world of caped crusaders so much more in the summer. So to celebrate my love of summer super, I teamed up with the guys from and best buys for the season!



Wonder Woman Havaianas - I'm all about Wonder Woman gear, particularly beachwear! But if you're not a fan of Diana's classic patriotic colors, these flip-flops make for a great alternative. Though you'd be a fool to mention this to the Amazon princess herself...she get's touchy about wardrobe disses.


Batman Flip Top Water Bottle - When I once in a Kryptonian blue moon visit the gym, I like to to bring a long some fun geek paraphernalia, in this case it's a classic Batman & Boy Wonder bottle to keep me hydrated. (You know, since we're not all of the Atlantean variety...)


Iron Man Sweat Shorts - Ease and comfort are my two favorite elements in any summer pieces. Though these two aren't what comes in mind when thinking of Tony Stark; regardless these shorts are great and perfect for lounging after an intense comic book haul.


Captain America Winter Soldier Backpack - I'm all for a summer tote here and there, but when it comes to heavy duty hiking, I opt for bigger back packs. This one's big enough to fit in Captain America's shield without breaking a sweat. Unless you're breaking into S.H.I.E.L.D of course.


Hero Box: Deadpool Edition - If you're at a lost for picking a singular item, fear not! The guys at Superherostuff have followed in the tradition of Loote Crate and created a similar superhero box filled with merchandise and fanboy must haves! My favorite themed box on the site? Definitely the Deadpool Box to celebrate Deadpool's trailer release. (or leak, if you're into to technicalities) You certainly won't be disappointed.