Since I didn't have a chance to attend WorldCon or Dragon*Con this year, I've been jealously watching other people's adventures. So I thought I'd do a round-up, in case you're doing the same. Plus, there's lots and lots of great fantasy and science fiction writing and publishing advice in these posts.

But first, +Scott Edelman tells us one small thing we can do to make others feel welcome at cons.

Moaning Myrtle awesome Harry Potter cosplay

Moaning Myrtle cosplay photo via

Dragon*Con Fan Posts

+Stephen Geigen-Miller gathers up 9 things we could do to increase #DiversityinSFF.

+Le Mont Bennett collected an album of cool cosplay photos.

+Tested displays a huge number of cosplay photos as well.

+Mandy Horetski of GeekMom talks about the paranormal track and Phineas and Ferb cosplayers.

+Chris Tang talks about Dragon*Con and the Starfarers LARP.

My Charlottean friend and critique partner Darin Kennedy gives a humorous recap of the con with some photos including one of the most adorable baby R2D2s you've ever seen!

TONS of Worldcon posts after the jump!

Worldcon: Mostly Writing Posts

+Dan Thompson gives us a nicely detailed overview of several writing panels from the indie author's perspective. If you're a writer, especially an indie author, check this post out. It covers these panels and others:

Self-Promotion: Everything You Know About It Is Probably Wrong The Business Side Of Writing panel How To Convert A Book Into E-Book Format panel The Role Of An Agent panel Literary Estates panel Gender In SF panel Publishing Intermediaries In The Digital Age panel The Shift From Print Publishing To E-Publishing panel The Changing Economics Of Book Production And Distribution panel

+Steven Radecki brings us a ton of blow-by-blow panel reports, including:

What Makes A Review Great panel Self-Promotion: Everything You Know About It Is Probably Wrong panel Best Practices From Booksellers panel How To Convert A Book Into E-Book Format panel Reproductive Technology, Medical Ethics And The Law panel The Relationship Between Writers And Editors panel The Future Of The Small Press panel, which Steven notes was less doom and gloom than he expected How To Build A Successful Book Launch Campaign panel Wiring The Brain panel Planning A Starship panel But Why Can't You See My Genius, a panel about rejection Publishing Intermediaries In The Digital Age, more of a blow-by-blow post The Shift From Print Publishing To E-Publishing panel Writing Combat panel The Current State Of US Copyright Law panel

+Rebecca Schwarz tells about the SFF implications of biology in the All Of Biology In One Hour panel and gives a breakdown of several more panels in her Emerging From The Vortex post, including:

Graphic Novels You Should Be Reading panel The Things They Never Tell You About Getting Published The First Time panel Editor And Writers panel A writer's workshop

+Evan "Skwid" Langlinais provides archives of his pre-2013 Worldcon posts and was kind enough to do a very detailed blow-by-blow of many panels, which can be found on Google+ under the hashtag #PanelNotes. Selections below are in Google Doc form:

Coming Of Age In The 60s panel Impact Of Aaron Schwartz panel Machine Consciousness panel If Corporations Are People... panel Colossus, Skynet, Or The Culture panel Reproductive Technology, Medical Ethics And The Law panel Gender In SF panel

+Martha Wells talks about the What Happened to Happy Endings panel and the Booksworn eat-a-bug-for-a-book party.

+Madeline Ashby addresses the lack of age diversity at Worldcon, the lack of a YA category in the Hugos, and other issues in momento mori.

+Cheryl Martin writes about Feeling Erased From the Worldcon Picture.

+Shauny Jen / Skiffy and Fanty do a Worldcon walk-by podcast.

+Dan Absalonson writes that Brandon Sanderson Wants Worldcon 2015 In My Hometown. (And so it shall be!)

+Geoff Livingston shows Worldcon in photos with PICTORIAL: The Worldcon Experience.

+Marshall Ryan Maresca gives his AfterReport Proper.

+Jayme Blaschke talks about how science fiction writers lose their cool around astronauts.

+Mark Oshiro (aka Mark Reads and Mark Does Stuff) relates how even being a Hugo Loser is pretty damn awesome.

If you've made it this far, you should definitely check out this Dragon*Con Justice League vs. Avengers cosplay video:

Have you been to a Dragon*Con or WorldCon before? Would you recommend the experience to other fans of science fiction and fantasy? Leave a comment below or find me as +Traci Loudin on Google+, the perfect place for fans of speculative fiction to hang out.

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