Where Would Our Fave SF/F Characters Go to Summer Camp? Exploring the (Fictional) Offerings

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by Sara N.

Even characters in our favorite sci fi/fantasy properties have to take a vacation sometimes. So in honor of Camp Stellar Four, here are a few of the hottest summer spots for the kiddies of Westeros, Panem, the Shire, and more.

ChudleyCannons.pngThe Chudley Cannons Quidditch Camp —You love Quidditch, so why not spend the summer perfecting your game with the 21-time League Cup champions? The camp features daily Quaffle shooting practice, Bludger avoidance drills, and Snitch scrambles. Campers will also have the chance to try out different broomstick models to find the best fit. Note: The camp is not responsible for any injuries, magical or otherwise, suffered on or off the pitch.

District 1 Bootcamp — Join Panem's best and brightest killers as they hone their skills in anticipation of volunteering for next year's Hunger Games. This year's camp emphasizes edged weapons training and wilderness survival skills. Because this is one of the wealthiest districts, expect tolerable lodging and almost adequate meals. 

The instructors

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