Who's in Charge Here? Genre Camp Counselors

suvudu, buffy, harry potter, camp

by Kathy F.

Camp Stellar Four is not your ordinary camp, of course. Where others might hire a gaggle of high school and college kids to lead campers through the paces, here you will find only the best (and worst) that genre has to offer. It wouldn't be camp without a "Worst Counselor Ever" story.


Katniss and Merida are the dynamic duo of the archery range, while Ariel owns the pool. Tony Stark remodeled the arts and crafts room to mirror his lab (but Rapunzel keeps painting over it). The Doctor teaches physics, history and dance. Haymitch is drunk in the corner, but is the best at solving inter-camper disputes, although his methods might raise some eyebrows.

Read on for more counselors I would love to have, and that I'd love to hate.