WonderCon 2014: Star Wars Programming Announced

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Comic-Con International has revealed the program line-up for WonderCon 2014 including some Star Wars related programming as well as panels that will feature creators of Star Wars content. The highlight of the convention for Star Wars fans should be the Star Wars Rebels panel on Saturday. This is an official Lucasfilm panel and the presence of cast and crew may provide us with some new information about the show. 


501st and Rebel Legions: Costuming for the Good of the Galaxy!
Have what it takes to create an amazing Star Wars costume? Want to know more about joining the 501st Legion and/or Rebel Legion? “Trust in the Force”…and a little assistance from members from the 501st Legion (The Bad Guys) and the Rebel Legion (The Good Guys) who are here to help. Learn about basic costuming standards, what’s involved, how to join, and more!
Friday April 18, 2014 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Room 203

Spotlight on Tommy Lee Edwards
Moderator Bernard Chang (Green Lantern Corps) presents in-depth look at WonderCon Anaheim special guest Tommy Lee Edwards’ vast experience as a film and animation director, illustrator, and writer. Join them for this Q&A session and multimedia presentation on the creation of TLE’s work on Vandroid, Turf, The Question, Marvel 1985, The Book of Eli, Star Wars, and more.
Friday April 18, 2014 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Room 213

How to Build Your Own R2!
Come pick the brains of some local R2 builders to learn what it takes to build your own R2. Panelists Chris Romines, Mike McMaster, Mike Senna, and William Miyamoto will give you a look into the world of building a fully functional Star Wars R2 astromech. The panel is hosted by fellow builder Victor Franco.
Friday April 18, 2014 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Room 207

Publicizing Your Project
Got a new comic, a new web series, a new novel, a new TV show, or a movie? That’s great, but pretty meaningless if you and your friends are the only ones who know about it. How do you get the word out? Facebook and a webpage, sure. That’s what everyone’s doing. What can you do to cut through the clutter and get your stuff actually seen, actually talked about, actually out there so people can see it, read it, watch it, buy it? Craig Miller (Star Wars, Curious George) leads a panel of people who have been getting projects seen dating back to Star Wars, including Amy Ratcliffe (Nerdist, StarWars.com), Joe LeFavi (Quixotic Transmedia), and others, to give you their thoughts and advice on how you can do it for your project.
Friday April 18, 2014 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Room 210BCD

The Making of The Star Wars
WonderCon Anaheim special guest artist Mike Mayhew (Avengers) goes behind the scenes of the Diamond GEM Award-winning series, The Star Wars, from Dark Hose Comics. Mike will take you on a tour of the universe that was never meant to be, from its mysterious origins to a sneak peek at the collected volumes coming this summer.
Friday April 18, 2014 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Room 203


Behind the Scenes of Star Wars Rebels
Members of the cast and crew of Star Wars Rebels present an exclusive look at the highly anticipated television series. Star Wars Rebels is set between Episodes III and IV, and it is a dark time in the galaxy. In the spirit of the original trilogy, the Empire is once again the preeminent villain of the saga, and Star Wars Rebels puts the might of Imperial forces in the spotlight. Produced by Lucasfilm Animation and featuring many of the key talents from the Emmy Award-winning Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels is scheduled to premiere this fall as a one-hour special telecast on Disney Channel; it will be followed by a series on Disney XD channels around the world.
Saturday April 19, 2014 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Room 300AB

Inside The Writer’s Room: Earth’s Mightiest Writers Re-Assemble
Take an unprecedented insider look at your favorite TV series from the scribes behind some of today’s hottest genre shows as they share their candid thoughts on how to write and rewrite the series we love (and sometimes loathe). Find out the deep, dark secrets (and low-calorie snacks) of the writer’s room-and why network executives actually care about what you say on message boards. Get the straight scoop from some of television’s most talented and outspoken writers and producers, moderated by Sony Pictures Television senior VP of drama, development and production, Chris Parnell. The panel includes Michael Narducci (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals), Steve Holland (The Big Bang Theory), Jesse Alexander (Hannibal, Lost, Heroes), Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Helix, The Middleman, Lost), Ashley E. Miller (the new Terminator TV series, Fringe, Thor), Steve Melching (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Transformers: Prime), Sarah Watson (About a Boy, Parenthood), Jose Molina (Sleepy Hollow, Firefly, Terra Nova), and Mark A. Altman (Femme Fatales, Castle, Necessary Roughness).
Saturday April 19, 2014 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Room 300DE

The Psychology of Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Episode III
Psychologists Dr. Andrea Letamendi (UnderTheMaskOnline.com) and Dr. Ali Mattu (BrainKnowsBetter.com) bring their popular, intergalactic sci-fi battle back to WonderCon Anaheim for round 3! These geeky psychologists step into the pop culture ring, this time with a focus on the character relationships from these two legendary franchises. Special panelists include actors Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and Catherine Taber (Star Wars: The Clone Wars). Join a side and cast your vote as they crown one as the winner! Impartially moderated by Brian Ward (The Arkham Sessions).
Saturday April 19, 2014 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Room 213


Cover Story: The Art of the Cover
What’s a good cover on a comic book? How are the best ones created? Be there for this “shop talk” discussion with artists who’ve been responsible for some of the best: Paul Gulacy (Star Wars), Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman), and Tony Daniel (Superman/Wonder Woman). Presiding will be moderator Mark Evanier and co-moderator Len Wein.
Sunday April 20, 2014 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Room 207

Spotlight on Katie Cook
WonderCon Anaheim special guest Katie Cook is here! Katie is currently the main writer of IDW’s hit comic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is the creator of the webcomic Gronk, AND has done art for Marvel, Fraggle Rock, Star Wars, and so much more! She will be talking about writing comics, drawing comics, creating all-ages comics with edge, and cat jokes. Katie will have her pens in hand and a projector so she can take quick-fire drawing suggestions while she talks, so join Katie and moderator/fellow comic maker Thom Zahler for an hour of Q&A, drawing, and learning way too much about Katie!
Sunday April 20, 2014 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Room 208

SOURCE: Comic-con.org