Fangirl Summer Spotlight: Fionna & Cake by Natasha Allegri

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It all started with the Adventure Time episode Fionna and Cake. They are gender swapped versions of Jake and Finn written as Fan fiction by the Ice King. The characters quickly found a place in the hearts of Adventure Time fans. so much so that this six issue mini-series was created!

The wonderful thing about this series is that you don't have to know anything about Adventure Time to enjoy this volume. The story is written and illustrated by Natasha Allegri the creator of Fionna & Cake and the storyboard artist for the show. So from the opening pages the readers feel like they are inside a Adventure time cartoon.
In the opening pages Fionna comes across the Ice Queen as she is attacking some baby fire lions. Fionna brings one of them home and then quickly leaves again to rescue Prince Bubblegum. She then  gets sidetracked by a theft committd by the Lumpy Space Prince and finds her little fire spirit has turned into a handsome Fire Prince.
So much wonderful humor and action in this series! I love Fionna’s energy! She has such an inner strength and puts herself first despite the distraction of handsome Princes. Cake is so funny, and more aware of the potential crush situations going on then Fionna does.

I really suggest renting this DVD from the library so you can experience the wonderful voice actors on the show:
This is my 16th book for the Summer Library Challenge
This is my 25th book for Coyer Summer Vacation

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