May 27, 2014

Batman 66 #11 / Digital #31-33 a Riot of TV Show Nostalgia

By Comics Worth Reading

The latest issue of Batman ’66 pulls out all the stops with just about everyone from the TV show making an appearance. Writer Jeff Parker dreams up a ridiculous premise,...

Aug 23, 2013

He's Batman: In Defense of Casting Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight

By Sara at Stellar Four

by Sara N. Dear readers, our time of tense national waiting is over. We have a new Batman. Ben Affleck — lover of Jennifer Garner, supporter of Boston, winner of...

Jan 19, 2013

The Valor of Cape and Tights: The Strength of a Superhero

By The Ralphnerd

It should be obvious on this blog that I'm enamored with the mythos of the superhero, but perhaps its about time to explain why. I can't even began to remember...