RiffTrax Sharknado 2 Review! Plus Minions Review, How Often Should You Blog, Box Office Results, and Ninja News

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RiffTrax Live – Sharknado 2 Review and Feature

On July 9 (with an encore presentation on July 16), the RiffTrax crew tackled a classice – Sharknado 2.

I felt bad for the guys. Apparently, something was wrong with the Belcourt Theater in Nashville. All three were drenched in sweat before the movie even began.

Preceding the film was a short – Why Do I Need Parents. (Or something really close to that title.) It was hilarious and had a great Bruce Wayne reference.

Sharknado 2 was funny even though it was a tough movie to riff. How do you come up with jokes for a movie that’s intentionally trying to be terrible? But the gang was up for the challenge, and the Al Roker poop jokes kept me in stitches.

All in all, another solid effort from RiffTrax! And their next show in October promises to be even funnier when they tackle the film Miami Connection.

As always, before the show began, they ran a series of humorous slides. Below are some of the best ones.

Minions Movie Review

Kevin, Stuart, and Bob set out to find an evil master to serve to save their tribe.
It’s the Minions from the Despicable Me series. If you go to this film expecting more than silly fun, you will be disappointed.
The Minions spend the film doing what they do best – being cute, bumbling, mischievous, innocent creatures. There are a lot of visual jokes and silly one-liners. You’ll pick up just enough of the Minion gibberish to know what they are saying.
The special effects are sharp and the 3D adds to the bright and colorful film.
The film is light and the storyline a bit on the thin side. There’s no real message other than revealing what the Minions did before they found Gru. There’s a chance you won’t remember it a month from now, but you will have had a good laugh for an hour and a half.
Fun for adults and kids, just plan for silliness.

Box Office Charts Bonanza

Minions broke records in several countries over the past few weeks and made over $115 million dollars here in the USA. Can you imagine what they will do in merchandising?

Meanwhile, the top movies on the All-Time World Wide Box Office chart has changed a bit over the past few months. While Avengers: Age of Ultron was expected to be near the top, both Furious 7 and Jurassic World were surprise contenders.
As of Sunday, the top of the billion dollar club looked like this:
1 - Avatar;$2,788.0
2 - Titanic;$2,186.8
3 - Marvel's The Avengers;$1,518.6
4 - Furious 7;$1,511.6
5 - Jurassic World;$1,465.8
6 - Avengers: Age of Ultron;$1,388.5
Despite Jurassic World’s steam, I’m not sure it will pass Titanic, and it certainly won’t pass Avatar.

Ninja News

Over at the Insecure Writer’s Support Group site, author Dianne K. Salerni talks about getting school visits.

Today is Themes That Rocked the Challenge at the A to Z Blog, and I am featuring Chrys Fey and her disasters theme.

My final tour stop didn’t go up until Tuesday, so if you missed it, visit Bull Spec for how to write another story after a series ends.

New Release that’s NOT for the kids!
Profanity Granny's Confessions by Pat Hatt
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How Often Should You Post on Your Blog?

Two weeks ago, I posted about the best time for blog posts HERE. According to the research, early morning Eastern time was the best and nighttime Eastern time the worst. You guys weighed in with your thoughts, some saying content mattered more than time.

Last week, Holly Sinclair posted on when is the best day to blog. Her research said that Wednesday was the best day, although some in the comments said Monday.

Now – how often should you post on your blog?

Pushing Social had this to say on frequency – monthly makes your blog look abandoned, weekly is better but many do that and you’ll be fighting for reader attention, when you feel like it the worst, and every weekday the best.

The Blogpress said that it was better to have two posts a week that were informative than several that were sparse. They said daily posting is good for traffic, but only if you can maintain that pace with quality posts. And ultimately, consistency was far more important than how often.

Now, I think a lot of this depends on what you are blogging about, plus what you are trying to accomplish and what you can manage.

I am once a week except during the Challenge. I know quite a few of us who are once a week. There are many who are three times a week. Some are daily. It all depends on what works best for the blogger. But that range seems to be the best. (And there are exceptions, like The Geek Twins who post geek news twice daily on weekdays. That is a perfect range for them.)

With the exception of Insecure Writer’s Support Group post day and during the A to Z Challenge, once a week works best for me. I can pack a lot into one post and be set all week. Plus I don’t want to post on days I can’t visit others. With as many followers and commenters as I have, committing to do that more often is really tiring. (Which is why I am exhausted by the end of IWSG post day and really wiped out by the end of April.)

So, how frequently should someone post? How frequently do you post?

I’d like to leave you with an image Sarah Ahiers posted recently that just cracked me up:

Did you see RiffTrax tackle Sharknado 2 last week? (If you missed it, you can go on July 16.) Did you see Minions? Does the box office surprise you? And how frequently should a blog post?

I am leaving July 14 for a vacation in the mountains and will be gone all week! I will check in every morning, visiting a couple blogs, returning comments, and checking emails. But otherwise, I’ve promised my wife I will stay offline. If anything really awesome happens in my absence, send me an email so I can mention it next Monday.

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