I know I'm late to the party on this game, but anyone who follows my blog knows I had an Xbox 360 and now a PlayStation 4. I never had a PS3 and so I missed out on a lot of cool games. . . The Last of Us being first on the list. But now that I have my PS4 and The Last of Us Remastered has finally come out, I get to play it, and all the anticipation did not cause it to be overhyped. I love the game. . . so far.

I have complained many times (to friends if not on this blog) about "movie games" (games with too many cutscenes). This game has a very in depth story with beautiful cinematics, and I love it. They work mostly because they aren't too long. All the scenes are no more than a few minutes. I normally lose focus and stop paying attention during movies, but the ones in the game keep me intrigued. Hell the one near the beginning almost made me cry. I think the reason I'm so intrigued is because the movies are like real movies. The charactersmove llike real people. They have realistic mannerisms. I have never seen so much care but into a game to make it feel like a movie. Oh, and the gameplay is pretty sweet too.

The gameplay is a good combination of stealth and shooter. It is third person which makes the stealth aspect easier but makes the shooter aspect a little more difficult. In order to shoot you must hit the L2 button to aim. You cannot blindfire. Not even if you have the shotgun in your hand and there is an enemy pointblank in front of you. You still have to aim in the situation, which is annoying because it takes time. Time you don't have if it is a clicker that is pointblank in front of you because they kill you in one hit. Another complaint I have is that melee weapons are too weak. I get that a wooden beam gets three hits on an enemy before it crumbles, but why does a machete also only get three hits? Other than that, everything is great. When aiming thrown projectiles there is a green line that shows where they go and there is auto-aim. This makes the game a lot easier. I haven't tried to turn it off, but I'm sure players who want a greater challenge can. I love that the green line also appears on the bow. I use it all the time for stealth kills, but there is an arc to it I probably would never get down without the green line's assistance. The gameplay is amazing overall, and I wish more games would play this way (if you know of any that do and are out for PS4 now or will soon be let me know).

I have not finished the game yet. I don't know how the amazing story will end. I don't know if the great gameplay with get worse, or maybe even better. I feel like I'm almost there, but I have enjoyed the game so much I want to savor it. I didn't not want to burn through the storyline and then feel hollow because I had nothing more to do. I will finish it, shortly most likely, and when I do, I may have to make another post about the way I feel about this game.

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