The Round Table: Famous People As Book Characters

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As I read Veronica Roth’s Divergent last week, I got to thinking: do the book characters you imagine ever mirror real life actors, singers, athletes, or models? For example, I know a person who only pictures Matt Bomer in all the books she reads no matter what.

Most of the characters I read remain faceless. By that I mean, they aren’t based on anyone real (as far as I know). I have yet to picture a celebrity as Gideon Cross and my ideal Cross isn’t anyone people have suggested (ie: Henry Cavill, etc). Although there are times when I do picture a celebrity for a brief moment and it is just for that small moment in time and then it passes. For example, in a scene in Jessica Lemmon’s Tempting the Billionaire, when Shane is at the office and steps out to meet Crickitt, I pictured David Gandy from this photoshoot.

Like I said it was for a brief moment and then Shane went back to remaining faceless (by that I mean not having a famous face). When I read John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, I didn’t imagine Shailene Woodley, but for some odd reason her voice narrated the book. I blame the moment of casting of news and how it coincided with me starting to read it.

I know you are probably wondering why I began to think about this during Roth’s Divergent. It’s not because I imagined Theo James as Four because I didn’t, but rather I pictured Theo’s physique while Four’s face remained in the shadows. Part of this I believe has to do with Four’s age too. I mean he’s 18 years old in the books and oh my goodness…I feel like a perv lusting over him. Which is one reason I’m having fun with Theo as Four in the film because he’s legal and very close to my own age. And it makes it okay for me to go fangirl crazy over Four.

Yeah for the most part, okay 99.9% of the time I don’t picture anyone famous. Heck, I even change hair color to suit my needs. Eva in Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series was never a blond to me. Mention a redheaded hero? He’s suddenly dark haired.

So do any of you imagine famous people as characters while you read? If so, do you have a particular person in mind for all the characters?