So tell me, did you read the first two books in the Vamp City series by Pamela Palmer? I love this paranormal romance series. It’s like nothing I’ve ever read before. The world of Vamp City is a place of magic, horror, and lost salvation. A BLOOD SEDUCTION unnerved me for weeks, and A KISS OF BLOOD left me yearning for more and for answers to so many questions…but it’s finally here! Or will be next week. OF BLOOD AND PASSION, the final book in the Vamp City series by Pamela Palmer is releasing on July 14th and my darlings, it is most certainly worth the long wait to find out what happens next. Nope, you won’t get any spoilers out of me, so don’t ask.

***eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review


They call her the last sorceress: Quinn Lennox, the only hope of the vampires who are trapped in Vamp City watching their dark otherworld slowly die. But an ancient curse shackles the magic Quinn needs to save not only the vampires she’s come to call friends, come to care for, come to love, but her beloved brother as well.

Arturo Mazza, the ruthless vampire who once betrayed Quinn, and has since waged a steady and relentless war upon her heart, vows to help her break the curse. But when the mission requires them to face Cristoff Gonzaga—the brutal and vicious vampire to whom Arturo once pledged undying fealty—Quinn must find a trust in Arturo that will test the very foundations of her soul.

~*~             ~*~             ~*~              ~*~           ~*~

Quinn and Arturo, as well as Micah and Kassius, have teamed up to protect Neo and his underground railroad for humans escaping Vamp City, find a cure for Zack who is suffering a magic sickness, and to form some plan to save Vamp City. Quinn understands she holds the power to save and restore Vamp City and although at one time, she had no desire to save it, now she fears its demise and the deaths of her new friends. After trying to restore the magic and failing, something miraculous is beginning to happen—many of the vampires are regaining their souls and with them, their respect and caring for humans and Slavas.

Arturo is hoping his old friend and master, Cristoff, will regain his soul as well so the evil vampire will cease his search, and destroy mission against Quinn, the woman Arturo has come to love. Although Quinn is still wary of Arturo’s loyalty to her over that to Cristoff, she puts her trust in him once more. She just hopes her trust is well placed or everyone in Vamp City will die…or worse.

Pamela Palmer created a terrifying, brutal, and sadistic world in Vamp City. While reading A BLOOD SEDUCTION, I couldn’t help but wonder how such a sweet and romance minded writer could conjure such ultimate evil. After reading A KISS OF BLOOD, I knew that within the crumbling magic of Vamp City, there lies a world of honor, goodness, and caring, which just needed the right person to bring it out into the light. Quinn Lennox is that person. Arturo had begun to emerge from his not so likable persona whom we first met, and we began to admire and even fall a little in love with the not always nice vampire.

In OF BLOOD AND PASSION, we get answers to questions brought up in the first two books, even as more questions emerge but which are brilliantly answered as well, and then with a final battle we learn who stands honorably with Quinn the sorceress, and whether or not Vamp City can be saved.

Pamela introduces us to more new fabulous secondary characters, as well as new aspects of this magical city, new dangers, lots of action, angst, and edge of the seat nail biting excitement. This is an amazing adventure with an incredible ending.

It’s been over two years since the release of the second book in the series, A KISS OF BLOOD and frankly, I was beginning to think we’d never learn what happened to Quinn, Zack, and Lily but the wait is nearly over for everyone, and thank you, Pamela, it was worth the wait.

I highly recommend that if you are already a fan of the Vamp City novels, you will want to grab a copy of the final book, OF BLOOD AND PASSION by Pamela Palmer as soon as it’s available. If you’ve never tapped this amazing series, start at the beginning and be prepared to have your hair stand on end a bit, be fearful to turn out the light after reading, and to be blown away by the intensity and creative world that is Vamp City.

Each book has held its own power, life force so to speak, its own magic, but I think OF BLOOD AND PASSION might just be the best one of the three. Yes, it gives us answers. Yes, it gives us an ending and closure but more importantly, it brings us what we look for in any romance…it brings us a complete and total feeling of satisfaction when it’s over. I’m actually sad to see this series close, but the feeling I felt at the end made it…magical.

Happy Reading Everyone!

OF BLOOD AND PASSION, a Vamp City novel by Pamela Palmer, self-publish, release date – July 14, 2015, available in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks. (I'll get the other links for you on release day)
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