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Carrie Naughton

Tucson, Arizona, USA

I'm a book writer, book reader and bookkeeper with a penchant for the speculative.

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Mar 06, 2015

13 Great Horror Movies on Netflix Now

By Carrie Naughton

I grew up watching both good (Alien) and bad (Mausoleum, anybody?) horror movies.  And reading horror novels – King, Koontz, McCammon, Barker – the big dawgs.  As I’ve matured (Ahem…I…...

Mar 03, 2015

Broadcasts From the Far Side #3: Moon Called

By Carrie Naughton

Hello audiobook lovers, it’s time to announce my 3rd review for Luna Station Quarterly!  This one was truly rewarding.  Moon Called is the first book book in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson…...

Feb 03, 2015

Broadcasts From the Far Side #2: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

By Carrie Naughton

My audiobook review of NK Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is up over at Luna Station Quarterly!  If you’re looking for a new audiobook, Casaundra Freeman is an amazing narrator for…...

Jan 06, 2015

Broadcasts from the Far Side

By Carrie Naughton

Today is a landmark day! My first blog post is up at Luna Station Quarterly, a volunteer-run speculative fiction magazine.  I’m going to be doing a monthly showcase of amazing audiobooks written and narrated by…...

Oct 17, 2014

Book Review – Of Bone And Thunder

By Carrie Naughton

As soon as I finished reading Chris Evans’ novel Of Bone and Thunder, I immediately went to Roger Ebert’s website and reread his review of Platoon... The post Book Review...

Oct 14, 2014

The Plucky Seven

By Carrie Naughton

It may not be fair to say that the sci fi, fantasy and horror genres aren’t taken seriously, no matter what the medium.  Well, actually it is fair to say…...

Oct 09, 2014

Review of The Secrets of Life and Death

By Carrie Naughton

I wanted to put on a wool sweater, brew a pot of black tea, and tuck my feet up next to a cozy fire. And then start looking over my shoulder!

Oct 02, 2014

Review of The Time Roads

By Carrie Naughton

Beth Bernobich's The Time Roads is Steampunk Lite with a twist of Time Travel. That might sound less enjoyable than the actual reading experience, which is mostly a mild disappointment; flat but still somewhat entertaining. The prose is crisp and the vocabulary appropriately antique; the worldbuilding is thoughtful, but not spectacular. It's plausible that more research went into Irish names than almost everything else here, except possibly prime numbers.