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I write about Star Wars, feminism, and all the stuff that would be in the middle if those were a Venn diagram.

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Dec 03, 2014

Coruscant Falls in Star By Star

By This Blog is Full of Words

The New Jedi Order was my first passion in Star Wars literature. Soon after seeing the movies for the first time, I got caught up in this ongoing story about...

Jan 03, 2014

Marvel will publish Star Wars comics starting 2015

By This Blog is Full of Words

Marvel will have the exclusive rights to Star Wars comics and graphic novels starting in 2015, Disney announced today. Work by artist Jan Duursema, a Dark Horse staple Dark Horse...

Dec 28, 2013

Book of Sith(mas)

By This Blog is Full of Words

I got a lot of gift cards for Christmas this year, a thoughtful gift which meant I could purchase exactly what I want and then pretend that the person handed...

Nov 01, 2013

A Case for the Yuuzhan Vong

By This Blog is Full of Words

In 1941, the United States and Japan were at war. In 2013, the two are enamored with each other. Art and cultural ideas flow between the two countries far easier...

Oct 17, 2013

Rebels Recap, Darth Maul, and NYCC

By This Blog is Full of Words

I'm still recovering from the weekend of New York Comic Con, which I spent with friends, Fangirls, bloggers, and Del Rey staffers. That cut into a couple of my long-term...

Sep 26, 2013

Megan's Guide to the Star Wars Books of 2013

By This Blog is Full of Words

Six Star Wars novels targeted toward adults came out this year. I felt that one novel every two months was a lot, but in fact it's quite average - five...

Sep 24, 2013

Razor's Edge

By This Blog is Full of Words

Star Wars: Razor's Edge contains a diverse cast of characters that answer a lot of fans' requests for more female and minority representation. It's also a quality story about Leia,...

Sep 16, 2013

Princess Leia, Fan Fiction, and Martha Wells

By This Blog is Full of Words

Star Wars author Martha Wells was nice enough to do an interview with me about her novel Razor's Edge, as well as characterization, diversity, and fan fiction. The upcoming Razor's...

Sep 11, 2013

A First Look at Star Wars Rebels Books from Disney

By This Blog is Full of Words

Knights Archive spotted seven new Star Wars books from Disney Press listed on the publishers' catalog site Edelweiss today, including three Rebels titles. The titled books are Rebels Picture Book,...

Sep 06, 2013

Two Quick Comic Reviews

By This Blog is Full of Words

Have two rapid-fire reviews: one of the latest issue of Legacy, and another for the much-hyped The Star Wars, a comic series based on George Lucas' original draft of the...