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Glowing Clever

I am an energetic little pixie who blogs and vlogs about glamour, geek culture and general mischief.

Twitter: @lizandstripes

May 04, 2014

Thoughts on "Gone Girl"

By Glowing Clever

I've had some time to process Gone Girl, and to try to scrape off some of the ice clinging to my skeleton about it. It is the most disturbing book...

Feb 25, 2014

Book review: "The Program" by Suzanne Young

By Glowing Clever

I don't eschew young adult fiction as a matter of principle, but I also don't seek it out. For every Hunger Games YA book that's insightful and well-written, there's gotta...

Jan 28, 2014

Long may teenage drama costume departments 'Reign'

By Glowing Clever

I've expressed interest in royalty, anachronistic fashion and France, although you wouldn't know the latter by seeing how behind my Duolingo app says I am on my French lessons. For...

Nov 21, 2013

In celebration of Doctor Who turning 50, let's celebrate his companions' accomplishments

By Glowing Clever

Yes, I should be working on my NaNoWriMo stuff. Yes, I am procrastinating. Come at me, bro. My first thought when I wanted to write a post on Doctor Who...

Oct 16, 2013

"I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself." | Why I write

By Glowing Clever

This quote from the first season finale of new Doctor Who has been a favorite and I never stopped to think why. It's pretty. My favorite character said it. What was there to think about?

Oct 04, 2013

Top 10 wild hopes for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary

By Glowing Clever

Bling bling, space and time ain't a thing November 23rd is a sacred date in the Whoniverse, the day of the 50th anniversary special. This wishlist of what I want...

Aug 22, 2013

A Marvel girl's descent into Gotham

By Glowing Clever

The X-Men were the superheroic companions of my adolescence. Maybe I was drawn to the easy comparison of ostracizing mutations and awkward teenage years, the convoluted plotlines, the endless array...

Jul 21, 2013

In defense of Clara Oswald: Manic pixie dream girls need love, too!

By Glowing Clever

While reading feminist criticism about Clara Oswin Oswald, the character played by Jenna Louise Coleman in Doctor Who, I kept seeing articles questioning whether she is no more than a...

May 30, 2013

Why an all-female X-Men team is absolute brilliance

By Glowing Clever

Little-known fact about me (except everyone knows it, so never mind): I love comic book superheroes. My interest in them in earnest started when the first X-Men films were out,...