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May 15, 2015

Dissecting the New Supergirl Trailer Scene by Scene

By A Space Blogyssey

If you've read my blog then you know that I'm the first person to applaud a new superhero television, especially a new superhero film or tv show with a female...

Jul 31, 2014

GG is Wonder Woman,! New Interstellar Trailer, Dr. Who S8 Set Photos + More

By A Space Blogyssey

It's official. Gal Gadot is the sexiest woman alive...this week. She looks incredible as Wonder Woman. Admittedly, I'm super excited with the idea of Wonder Woman coming to the big screen,...

Jun 09, 2014

Agent Carter News, Jupiter Ascending Postponed, Cosplay + More

By A Space Blogyssey

I'm sure that everyone has heard by now that 'Agent Carter' with Haley Atwell is a go! Yay for Hayley. I'm super excited for this show. Atwell just revealed that...

May 01, 2014

'Almost Human' Gets Canned, Halle Berry Comes to SciFi + Links

By A Space Blogyssey

Let there be no doubt that Fox Television hates science fiction and I hate Fox. I speculated last fall that only one of Fox's new science fiction/fantasy shows would survive:...

Apr 29, 2014

'Fahrenheit 451' Review

By A Space Blogyssey

Oskar Werner (Guy Montag) and Julie Christie (Linda Montag/Clarisse) in 'Fahrenheit 451' 'Fahrenheit 451' is the fourth film in the Blind Spot Series with TheMatinee.Ca. You can see my blind spot movies list...

Apr 24, 2014

New Godzilla Poster, Jurassic Park Reboot, Falling Skies Returns + Cosplay

By A Space Blogyssey

The new 'Godzilla' poster looks awesome. Almost as awesome as the Japanese trailer for it. Of course the Japanese trailer would be even better than the one I posted a...

Apr 21, 2014

Johnny Depp Falters, True Blood Returns, + WonderCon Cosplayers Rule

By A Space Blogyssey

Not much going on this week except for the latest Johnny Depp bomb, 'Transcendence.' 'Transcendence' is Depp's third flop in a row:  'Dark Shadows,' 'The Lone Ranger,' and now 'Transcendence,'...

Apr 16, 2014

More 'Doctor Who' Set Photos, Geek News, Trailers + Links

By A Space Blogyssey

Via Twitter Here's another look at Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on the set of 'Doctor Who' Season 8. It looks like this week's episode may be medieval themed! Cool!...

Apr 11, 2014

Thrones Fun, Jlaw in Mystique Movie?, Cosplay, + More Geek News

By A Space Blogyssey

Via Facebook Between the months of April and June, there will be lots of Thrones talk. As the season premiere debuted this past Sunday, this week was particularly plentiful for...

Apr 07, 2014

Top 10 Space Marines

By A Space Blogyssey

The space marine is an archetype of science fiction. The quintessential space marine is tough, stoic, an alpha male (or female), off-world (sometimes on world), and always armed to the...